What We Do for You


Research is vital to ensure your video delivers the right message and is targeted at the correct audience. Do you need an overview video, case studies, video blog content, top tips? Our aim is that you receive the best possible value from your investment in video.


Storyboarding is an important part of the preparation which leads to filming taking place. We can work with you to visualise how each part of the video should look, so that filming can be well-planned, focused and time efficient.

Script Writing

Nervous about the idea of writing a script, you don’t need to be? We can help you construct a script that ensures your message effectively communicates what’s great about you, your product and service.


With the research, storyboard and script agreed, we undertake all the logistics of filming in different locations, with a variety of interviewees, contributors, and with risk assessments carried out as necessary and according to budget.


We direct filming according to our agreed storyboard and script, creating interesting and inspiring footage for your project. We are also mindful to help you, interviewees, other contributors and supporting actors feel comfortable on camera.


This is where your video comes together on screen as we follow our agreed storyboard and script, editing in interviews and adding music if required. It’s here where we can also add certain special effects such as slow motion, ghosting, colour grades, picture layering.

Animated Graphics

We offer a range of animated graphics for your video. From simple but effective animation to emphasise important information and convey complicated concepts, up to the high end motion graphics and infomercials.

Aerial Footage

Aerial footage can add an engaging perspective to your video. We offer a fully qualified aerial drone filming service that you can trust.

We'll Help You Share Your Video

Once your video is produced, we can help you upload your video to your website, social media platforms and guide you through other distribution opportunities. By working with our associate social media experts, we can create a comprehensive video and social media campaign package so that your video can reach a wide and interested audience.

Your Image is Important

At Viewhear, we remain conscious of the importance of your business’ image and ensure continuity of your brand guidelines throughout your video. As image in all forms is critical to the presentation of your business, we are also delighted to recommend a trusted still image photographer, welcoming opportunities to collaborate on projects with Tony Cobley Commercial Photographer: tonycobley.com